Zippy Startup Review and Video Walkthrough

February 20, 2017
Vendor: Mike Lazarus
PRO: Lots of good PLR content, plenty of good training, great business model, solid interface, no bullshit, no hype
CON: Not million dollar content, not the 100% slickest training.
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Mike Lazarus has set up a website which promises to give you everything you need to start making money online with your own products. So will this work? And is it worth the $15 per month?

If you don’t know exactly what PLR is, you are in the right place. Because Zippy Startup says he can tell you all about PLR and how to make money from it.

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PLR stands for Private Label Rights. This is where you can start to make the real money in online marketing. 

When you have Private Label Rights on a product, it basically means you can resell that product. It is yours. You keep all of the profits from the sale (conditions apply, the rights you get will vary for each product).

So by having PLR for a product, you move from being an affiliate to a vendor. This is a big shift.

You are no longer recommending somebody else’s product and getting a comission, you are now selling it yourself and making the money.

Another big shift comes with that. You are not only no longer an affiliate, you can now recruit other affiliates to sell your product for you and pay them a commission.

The third big shift concerns your mailing list. As an affiliate, every time you send a customer to a vendor, the vendor gains another person for their own list.

So now, as the vendor, every time one of your affiliates send you customers from their own lists, you get to add those members to your own list. You are basically getting paid to build your list (that’s why you often see products where the affiliate gets 100% commission. The vendor is happy to give away the product, in exchange for a list, and for the upsell).

You can see how the shoe is on the other foot now, right?

Zippy Startup will not only give you products you can sell for yourself and keep all the profits, but they will also teach you how to set it all up and do it successfully.

The website Mike Lazarus has set up is not the slickest site out there. But it is solid, and easy to use. He is not into all the fancy bells and whistles, but he will give you what you need to succeed and move your business to the next level.

The 2 main elements of the website are the PLR downloads, and the training to use them.


The Content


The PLR content itself is of a solid quality. You are going to get a lot of great stuff which will sell without too many problems, and will provide value to your customers.

You are not necessarily going to find the ‘Next Big Thing’ in here though. What you will find are rock solid products that internet marketers need, and which you can rebrand, recombine or generally build up into a sales funnel which will bring you a significant income if you do it the right way.

One area which Mike could possibly improve his offering is to have some niche products in there as well. For example, weight loss products, fitness videos, that sort of thing. If your niche is not internet marketing, you may not get much value out of the content on Zippy Startup.


The Training


Zippy Startup gives you the training to be able to use any PLR or resell product. From setting up a JVZoo account, to creating your own products and launching them successfully. If you have ideas about a solution to a problem that other people have, why not build something yourself, or outsource it?


The training comes in 3 modules:


Begginer Training will teach you how to get up and running from scratch, with little or no experience at all.

Intermediate Training shows you how to build up and refine your PLR launch and get the business off the ground. You will learn how to set up “Micro Membership Sites”.

Advanced Training takes you to the top level, as an expert. Zippy Startup gives you two different ways of getting right into the nuts and bolts of selling your own PLR products.


So does Zippy Startup provide value for money?


If you are going to use it, then definitely yes. But if it’s going to be just another $15 per month subscription service gathering dust before it leaves your bank account, then no (obviously).

So much of internet marketing is about taking action. If you don’t actually do something, you can throw all the money in the world at your website, and you’ll never get anything much out of it.

But if you are keen to get ahead, put in some work and make an effort, then Zippy Startup provides a very valid business model. As such, I think it is very worth the subscription fee.

If you (like me) have a stack of PLR stuff you’ve bought or received as bonuses, they are not doing anybody any good just taking up space on your hard drive.

Maybe it’s time to do something about it?


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3 thoughts on “Zippy Startup Review and Video Walkthrough

  1. From what I know, PLR articles are becoming obsolete as the search engines gear towards recognizing unique human written content. On top of having to pay $15/month, you could be recommending something that is no longer in favor by many webmasters.

    I am curious to know though, have you used the content yourself? Do you think it will cater for your niche audience?

    1. Hi Cathy, thanks for your comment.

      You are right about PLR articles (that is, blog articles written by someone else and sold cheaply to be used as you like, often many, many times).

      If you publish PLR articles on your website without rewriting them, you are likely to end up with the same content as thousands of other people, and no, the search engines won’t like that.

      But Zippy Startup is not offering PLR articles. These are courses, tutorials, videos and software which you are free to resell. In most cases, you can even re-brand them with your own logo and call them whatever you like.

      You can re-write them (or not), add to them, take parts away from them and create an entirely new product if you wish to.

      But they will not cause you any problems at all for search engines, any more than if you resell any product from JVZoo, Clickbank, Toyota, Microsoft or Apple.

      Private Label Rights (PLR) refer to the rights given to you on purchase of a product. You could have PLR on a washing machine you buy from a factory and resell with your own logo and branding on it, as well as any other product you can imagine.

      In fact, people are making lots of money doing exactly that. Every time you go to a mall and see some product with a big name logo on it, chances are pretty good that it is PLR from a factory in China.

  2. To answer your question if I have used PLR content.

    If you mean PLR articles, I have looked at them to get blogging ideas for my first couple of posts, but I only use original content I have written myself.

    I have definitely used PLR content myself (such as graphics packs, eBooks, training courses). I have found the content offered by Zippy Startup to be of a quality I have no problem using, or recommending to anyone else (including my own mother who has a website of her own).

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