Video Pal review – Awesome animated character generation with advanced text-to-speech.

February 18, 2017
Vendor: Paul Ponna
PRO: Easy to use, high quality animation, awesome text-to-speech, can personalise, many languages
CON: Little control over animation
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Video Pal is a new way of increasing user engagement on your website. The longer people stay on your site, the more sales you are likely to get. This Video Pal review will give you a rundown on how it works, and what it does.

I attended the launch webinar live, and was pretty impressed with the concept and the way it was implemented. So much so that I let the moths fly out of my wallet immediately. And I was not the only one. There was a genuine rush to buy the product, and all the extras. This is going to be a big seller, and good ammo for an affiliate marketer.

The opportunities to make some money from this product are open. Agency rights are an OTO which will allow you to sell the animations to clients on freelance sites, or to your existing client base.


So what is it?


Video Pal is a new product by Paul Ponna which can add either a 2D, 3D or live human character to your website (or anybody else’s for that matter). The character will say whatever you want it to. Your options here include a really good text to speech engine which can use pre-written scripts or a script you write yourself.

The character will say whatever you want it to. Your options here include a really good text to speech engine which can use pre-written scripts or a script you write yourself.

You can upload a recorded voice over (you can record it yourself or get a professionally recorded voice over from Fiverr).

Or you can record your own voice from withing the Video Pal interface.


The animations themselves are of a high quality, and work on the screen pretty well. You’ve got a number of choices here.


The 2D animations are really good. A large variety of different characters, all in the same style. They move naturally, using hand gestures adding a visually dynamic element to their speech.

Of an even higher quality are the 3D models. They appear smoothly and deliver their messages in a very natural way. To create animations of this calibre would ordinarily cost a lot of money.

You have the ability to use live actors as well. They will speak in their own voices using a variety of pre-scripted lines, or text-to-speech. You can record your voice over on these as well.

The last option (and to be honest, I haven’t tried this one yet) is to video yourself. The software will clean up the background as long as you have a neutral coloured wall or backdrop behind you.

One of the most impressive features of Video Pal is the text-to-speech engine. This is easily the best text-to-speech I have ever heard. I just want to upload one of my Kindle books, and avoid the drudgery of actually having to read it myself. Shame you can’t do that.


It really is a great engine, and it’s only every now and again that you are reminded that you are not actually listening to a real human.



Added to this is the ability of Video Pal to read your script in a large number of different languages and accents (24 at this point). 

Video Pal have sampled actual human voices, and use an algorithm to put the words together almost entirely seamlessly. This way they are able to make the characters sound Australian, Welsh, Russian or Japanese.

Paul Ponna has teamed up with Google for some of the technology behind Video Pal, which accounts for much of the cutting-edgeness of it. Google are well known for their research into new technologies and some of them have ended up in Video Pal.

Another strength of the relationship between the developer and Google is the fact that Video Pal is hosted on Google servers around the world. This is the infrastructure which Google uses itself, so you know it’s going to be fast, strong and reliable. 

Yes, the animations are hosted on external servers. So there is nothing to download. The animations are triggered on a website from only a few lines of easily embedded Java Script. The rest is called up from Google’s servers.

What does all of this mean to you?


If you use Video Pal on your own website, you are going to see an increase in customer engagement. Until the novelty of this wears off, people are going to be mesmerised by these animations.


The developers equate this to the arrival of opt-in popups, which increased conversion rates dramatically. They have seen their own opt-ins increase by a decent margin since they started using Video Pals on their own website.


Video Pals can present customers with a call to action, a countdown timer which gives a sense of urgency, or pop up as a user tries to leave a page. These are all effective tactics for increasing sales and sign-ups, and their effectiveness is only increased by the novelty of these animations. This all means money in the bank for you.

Affiliates will be able to tap into what is already a hot seller, with a high EPC. More money in the bank.

If you purchase the agency rights, you can run Video Pal as a business. Freelance sites such as, and Fiverr can pay you for matching up clients to your animations. And you can make money with only a few clicks of your mouse. 

Video Pal training is available to help you set up a business, and succeed.


By now, your bank is starting to look a little happier than it was yesterday.


Cons to the Video Pal system.


As with any product that makes it easy for you, there is only a limited amount of control you can have over your animations and their speech.

For example, with a couple of my animations, it would have been nice to be able to change the tone of voice at times. In one, the actor sounded a little flat, right at the end with the call to action. The speech could have shown a little more enthusiasm, and the ability to increase pitch at the right moment would have been welcome. You can do this by using punctuation to change the voice’s inflection, but you can only do so much.

And having the animation point to a particular element on the screen at a cued time would be good. At this point, the animations of the arm and hand gestures are sort of random. Well done, but random.

The developers have made it really easy to use their Video Pals. This always means that you have less to control at your fingertips. Like anything else, this is both a strength and a weakness.


So what’s the verdict?


Strike while the iron is hot. This is a great product, but eventually the novelty will wear off and we’ll see these or competing products which do similar things popping up all over the place.

My advice would be to get in as an early adopter, and make hay while the sun shines. As usual, I practise what I preach, and have bought the product myself.




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