How to make money online working from home

March 1, 2017

Now for the big question: How can you work from home and start making money online? How can you start an online business and be successful? Two questions in one really. 

So are you in a situation where you are working long hours, overworked and under appreciated? Or maybe your partner is away for long periods, missing family life and all the good things that come from being close to home.

It is very possible to make an income working from home. In fact, there are many people who have sacked their boss and are able to make a very decent income with an online business.

There are even people making multiple millions of dollars.

It can all start with an idea and a website you can build in less than a minute.

But of course, that by itself is not going to make you anything more than a little proud at having done it. If all you have is pride and $5 you can buy yourself a $5 cup of coffee.


You will need something on your website that will attract people to it.

So what you need to do is think about your website, and what you can provide for someone else. What do other people need that you can give? It’s all about giving value to somebody else.

That is not as difficult as it might sound at first. Everybody has a passion. A hobby. An interest. A skill.

And chances are, that if you are interested in something and know a lot about it, then somebody else will be keen to hear what you have learned.


You are an expert. What we call an ‘authority’.

For example. Maybe you’re into cars. You’ve spent your whole life thinking about them, driving them, buying them and fixing them up. Cars are your passion.

Ford XC Falcon - From

Ford XC Falcon – From

There will be other people who don’t know as much about them as you do. And others who know a lot more. But whether you think so or not, you are an authority on cars.


Your life experience has taught you enough about cars that there is bound to be something you can say about them. And there’s bound to be something you know that other people don’t.


So you can start a website about cars.


But there are a million websites about cars, and probably too much competition. You need to be a little more specific. 

OK. So you like Fords. Still loads of sites about Fords. So you still need to be more precise. What do you like about Fords the most?

Let’s say that you are great at restoring old V8 Fords from the 1970s to showroom condition.


This is where your authority will shine. This will be your ‘niche’.

A ‘niche’ is your little corner of the internet. Your comfort zone, where you can build an off-ramp from the information super highway that will direct a small percentage of internet users to your area of expertise.

I say a small percentage. You only need a fraction of a percent to make decent money. You don’t need the whole internet, just a tiny part of it.

And this is why. As I write this, there are over 3.5 billion internet users in the world. And that number is increasing at around 10 people every second. That’s more than 3,500,000,000 people right now. 

Only 1% of that is still 35,000,000 people. So you can see that you only need to tap into the smallest fraction of the internet. Like dipping a cup in a river.

That’s where your niche comes in.

Now you have your website, you start to add content to it. Maybe you write some articles about the best way to prepare a body panel for repainting. Or make a video of how to rebuild a carburettor. Or compile a bunch of Youtube videos into a “Hottest 70s muscle show cars” video.

You are doing something you enjoy doing, and it beats a regular job any day.

Now you’re sharing what you enjoy with the world.

But you’re still not making any money. The fact is, nobody is watching your muscle car videos. You need to bring people to your website, you need traffic.

One way to build traffic to your website for free is via social media.

You’ve got a bunch of friends on Facebook? Share your articles and videos with them. They start coming to your website, and they start to share with their friends.

Before you know it, you’ve got loads of traffic coming to your website, and as you keep adding content, that number increases.

And you start to place paid ads on Facebook which bring even more people to your site.

But still no money. Where are the millions of dollars?


You need to ‘monetise’ your website. So you need a product to sell.

Don’t have a product? No problem. Plenty of other people do, and there are a few choices here.

One way would be to place other people’s ads on your site. For example, a tool company might place an ad. Whenever somebody clicks on one of these ads, you can get a small amount of money. This is called ‘Pay Per Click’ (or PPC) advertising.

Another option might be ‘Affiliate Marketing’. You have an agreement with a company who offers to pay you a percentage of any sales made when people click a link on your website. This link will track people who sign up or make a purchase. And you get paid.

The percentage an affiliate marketer gets paid can vary from over 100% of the sale price (true story) to less than 4 or 5%. It depends on the company and the product.

A good example is Amazon. Their business relies massively on affiliate marketers. It’s very common to find a website which links to amazon products. And whenever somebody buys one of amazon’s 353,000,000 products, the website owner gets a commission.

HID lamps - From

HID lamps – From

So you write an article about replacing the headlights with new LED lamps. It turns out that amazon sell the good quality HID LED lamps which have gotten great reviews, as well as all the tools you’ll need, at a good price.


You are happy to recommend these items to your site visitors, and some of them buy from amazon.


Amazon is not the only place you can get affiliate links, there are literally thousands of places.


This is where you make your commission and the more visitors you send to your affiliate links, the more you get paid.

Beware though. You may want to start spamming links all over the place, but don’t do it. You should only ever recommend products that you have faith in yourself. You need to provide VALUE for your customers and offer them something that will truly help them.

Now you have regular traffic and a number of people who trust you enough to subscribe to your website. You are recognised as an authority in your niche.


Want to make some serious money?

The steps I outline below are pretty advanced. Most people never get this far. But the ones that do, have pushed themselves to a whole new level, and there really are no limits to how much money you can make.

20yr old buys factory - Click to go to article

20yr old buys factory – Click to go to the article. If a 20 year old can do this, so can you.

You’ve found that whenever you rebuild an engine, it’s difficult to get your tools down to the hard to reach places, so you’ve rigged up something out of duct tape and a coat hanger. It works great for you.


This tool can make you loads of money, because if you need it and it helps you, there will be others it can help too.


Now it’s time to get someone to design it for you properly. There’s a guy in the Philippines who will design you a tool that does the job, and is suitable for manufacture. He does this for under $300, and you try it out. It works.


A factory in china can make your tool for you, and they start with a production run of 500 of them at $2 each.


You can sell these on your own website, or eBay, or Amazon, or a stack of other websites. You can even sell them to the big auto parts and tool shops.

It takes a bit of time and effort, but your initial run of 500 sells out for $15 each, quickly enough that you order another 2000 to be made. This time it’s cheaper at $1.75 each, and your shipping costs are cheaper for each unit too.

Your tool is popular, so you design a different one, and before long you have a product line which is making you a stack of money, and is stocked in stores all over the world.

This is just one example of how you can start an online business based around your hobby and work from home. Not everybody will make serious money. Not everybody will even start at the beginning and build a website.

But there is absolutely no reason why you can’t do it. You can start with a passion, and make money. All it takes is an idea, and some effort.

If you’d like to build a website for FREE, click here now.

And if you have any questions, please ask whatever you like in the comment box below.

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8 thoughts on “How to make money online working from home

  1. A Brilliant article very informative.

    I hadn’t realized you could get people in China to make products for you that you can sell on your own site

    What a brilliant idea one I will be looking into much more seriously, thanks for sharing this knowledge it would have been very easy to keep that idea under lock and key

    Appreciate the Share Simon

    1. Hi Damian, cheers for the comment. Much appreciated!

      Just about every company from Apple to eBay would have a much harder time without China manufacturing products for them. Walk into any department store, and you’ll find a huge variety of goods made in China, with some big name branding on the box.

      This is known as Private Labelling (or PLR. Also can be referred to as OEM – Original Equipment Manufacturer). And anyone can do it, although it can be a little tricky if you don’t know all the ins and outs. Customs, shipping, taxes, Chinese cultural differences can be a little daunting. But if you make the effort to learn, and also spend some money, it can repay you BIG time. Have a look at to get an idea of the range of products that factories can sell you.

      Most Chinese manufacturers can take a product that they make already (a toaster for example), and rebrand it with your logo for a price. They may even redesign the casing, buttons, dials etc. so that it looks like a completely different product. Or even design a new one that is more in keeping with your branding.

      I absolutely don’t mind sharing, that’s what I’m here for. There’s plenty internet to go around.

  2. So, there Smog, Whooops, I mean Smoj. So how long (roughly) do you think it will take me to make some money with this Wealthy Affiliate thing. I’m trying to find the best and fastest vertical that I can. Be real with me now. Thanks


    1. No worries Jim, thanks for the comment.

      How long will it take? I’ll be a little blunt, because that’s probably the most helpful way to answer that question.

      How long is a piece of string?

      It’s impossible for me to know how hard you work, how quickly you can learn new skills, how much time and effort you’ll put into it.

      But generally speaking, it will start off slowly. You may not see anything at all for months. And then, over time it will have a snowball effect as your business builds bigger and bigger and you get better at it, learning what works and changing what doesn’t work.

      You have to build the foundations well, or nothing you build afterwards will sit properly, so training can definitely help you speed up the process. Learning from your mistakes is a great way to learn. But learning from other people’s mistakes is much easier, and that’s where good training from people who’ve already done what you are trying to do comes in.

      There really are people who are making multiple millions of dollars who started off with far less training and support than Wealthy Affiliate can give you.

      Of course there’s no such thing as a ‘money making button’ that you can press and then just sit back on the couch watching TV. But if you set everything up the right way, once you’ve put in the effort, you can coast along on residual income (money that keeps coming in month after month) with very little maintenance. Or sell your website and start another one. Then sell that. Or hire staff and a manager to run things while you kick back on a Pacific Island (with WIFI).

      There are a bunch of different strategies you can use, but in the end the results you get will depend entirely on what you put in. Not your boss. Not your coworkers. Not the government. You. How many regular jobs are there in the world where you can actually make a difference to the outcome?

      What I CAN promise you, is that Wealthy Affiliate can give you all of the training and support that you need to build as big and successful a business as you let yourself. But they can’t build it for you.

      Whatever elbow grease you put into your online business can pay off tenfold over time, if you give it a chance.

      But the day you wake up and go to your computer in your pyjamas with a coffee in one hand, and see $4.53 (or whatever small amount) from your first sale… You’ll know it’s all worthwhile, and that your efforts are starting to pay off. The journey is beginning.

      Don’t forget also that money is not a worthwhile goal. Money is only a tool to get you to your goal. Your real goal should be quality of life, quality of purpose.

      As I write this at home, after waking up when I felt like it (not at 4am to get on a crew bus to go to a job I didn’t enjoy) I sip on my coffee, and think about how much better this life is… How doing this is not like work at all, I actually enjoy doing it… I realise that I’ve already achieved a better quality of life, and that the money is just a bonus.

      How long was this answer? As long as a piece of string.


  3. Excellent article. I enjoyed how you broke down the big scope of things into subsets and continued to break things down until you had a realistic approach and content for a website. I wish the article was available at an earlier time then maybe I could have refined a niche. Making money online is to big of a niche so I will have to scale it with articles. Really liked your progression. I hope you don’t mind but I also took a peak at your about me page–many life lessons there. FYI there are a few places where the content is almost unreadable there.

    I was so impressed that I even subscribed to your newsletter. Great job!

    1. Thanks for your comments and praise. And thanks for subscribing too!

      Making money online is a big topic, but there’s still plenty of room there if you hit it right. Just a lot more competition to deal with.

      Most of the competition is just copy and paste, not very original. And they tend to just blow the trumpet of whichever affiliate product they are getting the best commission from. So you could do well straight off the bat by writing your own articles, and being honest. Right away you’re going to be streets ahead of most of them.

      Thanks for the comment about my ‘About Me’ page. I wrote it up pretty quickly, and haven’t been back to it since. I’ll have to have another look at it. But it’s a bit like looking in the mirror for too long – It doesn’t sit so well if you’re not so driven by vanity. Selling myself doesn’t come too naturally, but it’s just another one of the skills I need to pick up on as an internet marketer I guess.

      Thanks again Thomas!

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