Upcoming launch of Graphitii – Cinemagraphs – A new way of seeing still images.

March 7, 2017

Those of you who are into video marketing have probably heard of Viddyoze, a video and animation product released by Jamie Garside, Joey Xoto and David Chamberlain. Those guys are at it again, this time with the launch of Graphitii, another cloud-based tool for internet marketers. And generally, for anyone who wants to look super cool on the web.





At a time when new video production tools have been coming thick and fast, Viddyoze is able to give customers something that sets them apart from the rest. That is, an easy to use, thoroughly polished and very professional product.

Viddyoze 2.0 allows the user to create smooth and visually stimulating animated effects for their Youtube videos that not so long ago would have cost a Hollywood studio many thousands of dollars to produce.

The problem with glitzy animated intros, reveals, outros and other effects is that they are hard to make. If you’ve ever worked with 3D animation software, or Adobe After Effects you’ll know they have a learning curve that’s like climbing Mount Everest.

And even when you know the software well, it takes a long time to set everything up the way you want it. You can make video intros yourself, but it can take days.

What Viddyoze allows you to do is to create and customise these effects quickly and easily. Click a few buttons, upload your logo, type in your text, and hello Hollywood.

The difference between Viddyoze and the raft of similar products that have come out over the last little while is down to the team’s ability to have a clear idea of what they want to make, and then going ahead to make it. without compromises. Without rough edges. And it works. It’s easy.

It’s a testament to the vision of the creative team, and their ability to see things through to the end. They don’t just make a product they can sell, they make something that they can be proud of. And it shows.

So now it’s time for their next product. Graphitii.

You may have heard of cinemagraphs. They are all the rage right now. If you don’t know, cinemagraphs are still images that move. Clear as mud?

If you remember animated GIFs from the 80s and 90s (before the internet as we know it), you’ll get a hint of what I’m talking about. Animated GIFs were a series of still GIF images, like frames in a very short movie that played one after another to form a looped sequence. Like flipbook animation, where you draw little characters on the corner of each page, and ‘flip’ through them to make them move.

Animated GIFs tended to be small, rough, and had a limited colour palette. They were largely over used, and mostly used ineffectively. Although there were some great examples of them. So they fell out of favour, and dissapeared for a long time. You may still see the occasional animated GIF on forum avatars.

Well, now they are back again. like all good trends from history they’ve come full circle and taken on their own flavour. And have been dramatically improved by Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg of Ann Street Studios.

Enter the cinemagraph. And now animated GIFs are doing things they never thought possible.

Cinemagraphs are short loops of video, where only a part of the frame moves. Think of a photo of Sydney Harbour Bridge, where everything is still. But a few birds fly over the still traffic. Or a still river bank, but the water is moving.

My words can’t do cinemagraphs justice, so I’ll let you have a look at the video below instead.



Get the idea now? So you may be thinking “what’s the point of having a cinemagraph when you can have a full video?”. Good question. And one that many of the major players have found the answer to. Companies like Apple, Honda, Chanel, Coca Cola have discovered that cinemagraphs can help with the problem of customer engagement that anybody who has a website will know about.

If someone comes across your website, you usually have only a few seconds to catch them, before they get bored and surf themselves off to somewhere else.

A good quality cinemagraph can catch the eye, and mess with your head enough to cause you to look twice. And sometimes twice is enough.

The boys at Viddyoze have created their new product Graphitii to cash in on this cinemagraph craze. And although I haven’t seen their software in action yet, my guess is that it will work very nicely.

They are not the only ones who are doing this. Andrew Darius who produced Explaindio and a number of other great video tools such as FlickDramatizer and Vinci 3D is a direct competitor to Viddyoze.In fact, they have just released their own cinemagraph software, FlickGraph.

Explaindio have been around for a while now, and Viddyoze are the new kids on the block.

The two main differences between Explaindio products and Viddyoze, are the control and the quality.

Explaindio products are installed on your hard drive and give you more control over the little things. Tweaks, adjustments and versatility. Viddyoze cloud based software simplifies everything, at the expense of being able to fine tune things.

The second difference is in the quality. Explaindio products give an end result that is generally not as smooth as the Viddyoze offering, not as high end. And the Explaindio software products themselves tend to have a few small issues and bugs. Quirky ways of doing things that look and feel a little old-fashioned and cheap at times.

From what I have seen, the Graphitii user interface is clean and effective. It’s just a simple process of uploading the video you wish to use. Then setting the start and end points for your loop, picking a still frame to use, and afterwards painting over the parts you want to give motion to.

Graphitii Screenshot - graphitii.com

Graphitii Screenshot – graphitii.com

The software will render your cinemagraph, and you can then embed it in your website. Nice and easy.

That’s not to say that all cinemagraphs will look wonderful. Almost every person in the world these days has access to a camera, but that doesn’t mean that everybody is an award worthy photographer. It will be the same thing with cinemagraphs. Some will be fantastic, most won’t.

I would say that if you want to add another tool to your toolbox, and if you have the creative eye to make it work for you… Then Graphitii could be a very useful thing.

Graphitii is due to be launched on Tuesday the 14th of March. If you want to get a sneak peek at it, or sign up for updates and information, have a look here.


Viddyoze Graphitii

Viddyoze Graphitii


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