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Me, covered in dust after a 12 hour FIFO night shift on the crusher.

Me, covered in dust after a 12 hour FIFO night shift on the crusher.


G’day. My name is Simon, but my mates call me Smoj.


I live in Perth, and love the West Aussie lifestyle. Great weather, barbecues with the odd cold beer or three, some of the best beaches in the world, and a laid back approach to pretty much everything.


And I’ve found realistic ways to build an income starting from scratch with no special skills.


It is VERY possible to replace a six-figure mining salary, and spend much more time with your family and friends.


All it takes is a bit of hard yakka, and some time. But it’s much more fun than a 12 hour FIFO shift on a minesite. It doesn’t even compare.


There is absolutely nothing dodgy about it. In fact, you can’t do this without actually helping other people with a problem they’ve got. It’s all about providing solutions.


I can show you how.


I lived in different cities and mining towns all over Australia but settled in the Pilbara region of W.A. with my parents when I was about 11 years old.


Growing up in places like Dysart, Port Hedland and Paraburdoo was more or less a blueprint to end up in mining sooner or later. My brother is a mechanical fitter also working FIFO. Many of my mates from those days are still working in mining.


After high school, I had high hopes and a bit of ambition but like many kids straight out of school I found I was pretty much unemployable, and ended up jumping from trolley boy to working in a furniture shop, to an auto and industrial spare parts company.


Feeling like I was stuck in a small town, I wanted more excitement in my life so I did some travelling overseas and then ended up in Perth.


To cut a long story short… I got a job at an iron ore minesite as a cleaner. Back then, most minesites were residential so I lived on site in the township and worked 13 day fortnights.


I ended up washing pots and then progressed to local garbologist, driving an HQ ute around town chucking bin bags full of everything from last night’s mess leftovers to babies nappies into the trailer.


Not a bad life. I was young then so the roster was OK and the work was easy enough.


I liked the money I was getting but still had itchy feet so I got out.


I moved around a bit, did some more travelling, had a go at a few different career. After trying my hand at almost everything, I found that the only way I could afford to live comfortably in Perth was on a FIFO mining salary.


Paying the rent on a Perth wage was nearly impossible.


Mining is a great industry to be in, don’t get me wrong. But I don’t know too many people who wouldn’t want to get out of it if they could.


So I applied for a traineeship as a Process Plant Operator and was lucky enough to be successful. I flew up to the nickel site two days after Christmas, and was really excited to get stuck into it – not to mention the money, which was the most I’d ever been paid. Even as a trainee.


I learnt to operate one of the most complex (and dangerous) refineries in the world. The traineeship had me on an 8 and 6 roster, but once I was put on crew I went to a 2 and 2 FIFO roster. A dream roster.


I bought a house near the beach in the far northern suburbs, got a new (second hand) car and did loads of travelling.


But once the novelty wore off I found myself stuck with a hefty mortgage and no option but to keep going in mining.


If it was only down to doing the job, it would be fine. But it got to me. Dealing all day, every day, for at least twelve hours a day with dodgy management, too many scumbags, and really nasty chemicals such as sulphur dioxide and trioxide, anhydrous ammonia and hydrogen peroxide.


Carrying a full-face respirator around at all times, and/or a dust mask, having to wear acid, chemical or sperm suits (if you’ve been in mining, you know what these are. If you haven’t, you’ve probably got the wrong idea) for hours at a time. I had to work in rain or shine, with temperatures up to 53 degrees C (125F) in the shade. Add a furnace running at hundreds of degrees, and it’s a warm one.


And spending the whole time aware of having to cover my arse to avoid the blame game and bullshit politics.


Not the end of the world, I really enjoyed the FIFO work and there are plenty of good guys in mining, but dealing with all the negativity and constant arse covering wore me down.


I left that minesite and did some contracting at DIDO gold and FIFO iron ore mines. Operating those mines was much simpler than at the nickel mine where I’d learned.


But it was the same shit, different day.


Run down sites with no maintenance budget and an “I didn’t see you do that” approach to safety, unless they are looking to sack people.


Or high-tech state of the art processing plants that were designed so well that they needed twice as many people to get on shovels and hoses to clean up the mess the engineers made.


But I still had the mortgage and no way of getting a job outside of mining that would give me enough money to pay it.


With the economic crisis, I couldn’t even sell my house without losing money.


So I decided to look around and find ways to supplement, then replace my FIFO income.


I’m not in it for the money so much as I’m in it for a good lifestyle, and to help others achieve their goals.


But it’s hard to have a lifestyle without money. Especially in Perth, which has one of the highest costs of living in the world.


Money will not buy you happiness, but lack of money won’t either


Anyway, FIFO contractors are generally the first to go when people are going to get the chop, and I found myself unemployed a couple of times for months at a time.


My mortgage was so far behind I was worried I was going to lose my house and spent a long time catching up.


After looking into alternative incomes, and a way to replace my FIFO salary, I had plenty of plans and good ideas. They didn’t always work out.


I learnt (sometimes the hard way) to avoid the scams and less-than-honest promises of overnight success.


But making plans will get you nothing. It’s only action that produces results.


So I decided to act.


I made some more mistakes and spent more money on scams than I should have, but finally found a proven, system that really can work.


Other similar systems can cost thousands of dollars just to get started, and really don’t give you as much.


So here I am.


I’ve done the research, read the books, and made the mistakes so you won’t have to. And I can show you how to go straight into a system that works. 


There is no such thing as a get rich quick scheme (not one that works anyway, without the risk of ending up in prison).


The systems  I found require dedication, and you’ve got to put in the time and effort to make them work.


But the good news is that the systems do work.


And people much smarter than me have done most of the hard work in setting it all up, so that if you follow the simple, understandable steps it can work for you too.


The systems I have chosen will hold your hand and guide you through the process of setting yourself up to replace your income. But the sky is the limit.


You could be making more money than you know how to spend. I’m sure you can find a way though.


And you can start making money within a short time if you put in a bit of work. Just give it a chance and treat it like the professional business that it is.


Eventually, when you’re at a level you’re happy with, it can more or less run itself, with only a few hours a week of work to keep it all going.


But money isn’t everything.


If you invest in yourself, you will naturally develop yourself as a human being. And that is priceless. Beyond money.


You are right to be sceptical. At first I was too, I don’t blame you at all. You should be sceptical.


These complete training systems are not for everybody.


Anybody can do this, but not everybody will have what it takes to succeed.


The only difference between success and failure is a solid work ethic. And the determination to see it through.


This might be for you, they might not be. But there is absolutely no risk to you, and absolutely no cost to have a look and see if making money online is the right thing for you.


All it takes is your time (and a little guts) to look into it all and see for yourself. But if you can work a 12 hour FIFO shift to make someone else rich, you’ve already got what it takes to succeed.


People are making very real money with this.


But you have to act. Your life will not change unless you force it to change.


  • The rewards are worth it. Would you like to spend more time with your family?

  • Would you like to make money sitting at a beach bar in Bali? With a beer in your hand and a laptop?

  • Would you like to be able to make money while you are sleeping? Or having a meal with the kids, or SCUBA diving?

  • Could you handle a passive income that only requires a few hours a week of actual work? (Once you’ve set everything up and let it run more or less on autopilot)


You can work full-time hours on this if you like, and potentially make millions. Then kick back on a residual income once it’s all up and running.


Or you can do it in your own time, bit by bit. If you only want to get a little pocket money while you develop your skills.


Earn as you learn.


It’s entirely up to you. People are doing this right now. And every day more people are wising up to the potential of the internet lifestyle.


Vietnam is as good an office as anywhere else. Better than most. And definitely better than FIFO.

Vietnam is as good an office as anywhere else. Better than most. And definitely better than FIFO.


What are you waiting for?


Subscribe now and have a look at what I can offer you. I guarantee to show you ways of making money that will shock you at how straightforward they are.


*** Please note: I have not put in the names of the minesites I worked at in order to protect the guilty. Also because I’ve signed non-disclosure agreements, and the only people who win in a lawsuit are the lawyers.



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